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They make every effort to cut costs as much as possible until those cuts actually start creating new problems. Avoid the trap of focusing all your efforts on simply cutting costs and thus forgetting the other half of the business equation:


“Working on one half of the Profit equation without managing the other half is like playing football with only a defense.”
The Maxon Group has successfully served hundreds of businesses, with LifeWorks Training, in multiple industries since 1997. Our professionals identify key areas within your business’ operations and budgets and identify where costs can be trimmed. Additionally, we place a strong emphasis on improving your marketing strategies and increasing sales. The best Defense against sluggish economic periods includes an aggressive Offense.
Solutions: “What you measure, you will manage.”
  • With our Video Research Technology we will visually show you how effective your Sales teams and Customer Service teams are performing. This is not your grandfather’s Secret Shopper program, this is a full-functioning audio/visual documentary on what your sales people are doing correctly and where they are falling short.
  • Our Marketing team will show you new and innovative ways to market your business. From traditional advertising methods to the new wave of online and social networking technologies, The Maxon Group has got you covered!
  • As a business owner, have you thought about your business Exit Strategy? Are you going to run your business your whole life, or do you plan to sell your business, or turn it over to your children? Are you spending too much in taxes? Speak with our Financial Strategies team to ensure you’re on track to reach your life and business goals. We have MBA’s and CPA’s that will have you moving in the right direction.
It all begins with a thorough analysis of your business. Our experienced Consultants will quickly assess what is going on within your business. Once we have a clear picture as to how things are currently running, we consult with you and your management teams to build a customized program to ensure you and your people get the best guidance, training and follow through to increase profits.

Concerned about the expense? The investment required is always a consideration and yet you will likely be surprised that it is usually far less than you are presently losing in potential business, productivity and profitability. Our clients have found that with our guidance, their increased profitability far surpasses the investment they have made to work with us.

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