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Managing the System

Posted by: In: AOIB 17 Dec 2014 Comments: 0

“To live through animpossible situation, you don’t need the reflexes of a Grand Prix driver, the muscles of a Hercules, the mind of an Einstein. Your simply need to know what to do.” – Anthony Greenbank

“The system is the solution” – AT&T

“It all started in 1952 when a 52-year old salesman (Ray Kroc) walked into a hamburger stand in San Bernardino. . . Whathe saw was a miracle . . . Hamburgers were produced in a way he’d never seen before – quickly, efficiently, inexpensively, and identically. It worked like a Swiss watch.” – Michael Gerber on McDonald’s

Developing and installing effective systems for managing your organization that permits consistent, reliable performance is the final critical component. It has been the experience of The Maxon Group that as your organization grows and flourishes on a linear plane, threats that can kill your business will grow at a geometric rate.

Perhaps it is because you now have “deep pockets” and have become a visible target. Perhaps it is because you are adding new team players to the family without the requisite commitment, and they simply don’t care like their predecessor or counterpart.

Whatever the reason, your management systems need to become much more effective as a method of identifying and solving problems that arise on a daily basis that affect customer service, product quality and safety.

The Maxon Group becomes a critical and seasoned eye for helping you assess your organizational structure, divisions of labor, deliverables, selling effectiveness, financial/cash management and your related management systems.

“All organizations arehierarchical. At each level people serve under those above them. An organization is therefore a structured institution. If it is not structured, it is a mob. Mobs do not get things done, they destroy things.” – Theodore Levitt

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