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We’re The Maxon Group, and our clients tell us they love us. We’re convinced the fondness they express for us is measured by the success we have helped them achieve in life and business. We find the same individuals espousing that the results of our training, strategies, coaching and consulting border on the miraculous. O.K. we know it sounds like a bit much, however, if you could use a miracle, big or small, in your business; if you would appreciate a significant increase in sales and profits, contact us today!


Architects of Intelligent Business

Business owners and executives desire a future filled with increasing profits, recurring hassle-free sales with highly appreciative customers, optimal systems that run on autopilot handling all the operating and administrative functions, and lots of cash in the bank.

Some businesses are fortunate to have identified what that future looks like, along with accompanying Strategies, Goals and Plans that have been clearly outlined. Some have only vague expectations. Which scenario best describes your business?

As Architects of Intelligent Business our role is both the (1) functional design (converting your dreams into rational “plans” and “drawings”), and (2) construction design/oversight (developing the tools, training the skills, devising the implementation schedule and overseeing the integrity of the process).

Therefore, regardless of where you find yourself on the Dreams to Results cycle, The Maxon Group has proven experience, systems, methods and programs to assure your dream-fulfillment.
Step 1. Vision & Analysis (Start Here)

All change and growth starts with vision. Vision clearly defined and articulated creates the transforming power needed to move things from “the way they have always been” to “the way we can clearly see them becoming”. The Maxon Group will start with your vision, and help you learn to instill your company with power through pictorial communication: telling the vision in the forms of stories that resonate with your team and customers.

Once a vision is created we began comparing, through the Analysis stage, where you are today with where you desire to be. This analysis is internal: What are your assets with regard to your products and services, human resources, capital resources, customers, know how, etc. What are your liabilities in those same areas? The analysis is also external: How are you positioned for realizing your vision within your industry, the current economy, and compared to your competitors?
Step 2. Creating the Strategy

Now that the Vision and Analysis is done, it is time to develop a clear game plan. Goals, clearly defined guideposts to realizing our vision and, the methods, maneuvers and tactics (or strategies) to achieve those goals is the enabling step for “getting to work”.
Step 3. Culture, Tools and Training

After the inspiring vision is written and all of the goals, strategies and plans are clearly laid out, what really gets you moving? The people in your organization, from the custodian to the president, must be willing and able to commit all day long, every day.

And here is the real key: it’s ALL about attitude (Mindset) and commitment. When a person is truly committed, all kinds of unforeseen aid and material assistance, rises up to help them in their endeavor. When every person on your team is truly committed and feels they have the necessary skill-set to commit, “what the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve” - Napoleon Hill
Step 4. Implement and Measure

Creating simple, effective and consistent measuring metrics is critical for many reasons:

They provide objective reporting of progress

They provide objective reporting of failure

The empowering exhilaration that comes from achievement, or from overcoming obstacles, provides real synergy within the team

They create competition between sub-teams and divisions

They provide a hedge against roller-coaster performance
Step 5. Managing the System

Developing and installing effective systems for managing your organization that permits consistent reliable performance is the final critical component. It has been the experience of The Maxon Group that as your organization grows and flourishes on a linear plane, threats that can kill your business will grow at a geometric rate.

Perhaps it is because you now have “deep pockets” and have become a visible target. Perhaps it is because you are adding new team players to the family without the requisite commitment and they simply don’t care like their predecessor or counterpart.
Results. Vision Realized!

“Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision”. – Peter Drucker