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They make every effort to cut costs as much as possible until those cuts actually start creating new problems. Avoid the trap of focusing all your efforts on simply cutting costs and thus forgetting the other half of the business equation:


“Working on one half of the Profit equation without managing the other half is like playing football with only a defense.”
The Maxon Group has successfully served hundreds of businesses, with LifeWorks Training, in multiple industries since 1997. Our professionals identify key areas within your business’ operations and budgets and identify where costs can be trimmed. Additionally, we place a strong emphasis on improving your marketing strategies and increasing sales. The best Defense against sluggish economic periods includes an aggressive Offense.
  • With our Video Research Technology we will visually show you how effective your Sales teams and Customer Service teams are performing. This is not your grandfather’s Secret Shopper program, this is a full-functioning audio/visual documentary on what your sales people are doing correctly and where they are falling short.
  • Our Marketing team will show you new and innovative ways to market your business. From traditional advertising methods to the new wave of online and social networking technologies, The Maxon Group has got you covered!
  • As a business owner, have you thought about your business Exit Strategy? Are you going to run your business your whole life, or do you plan to sell your business, or turn it over to your children? Are you spending too much in taxes? Speak with our Financial Strategies team to ensure you’re on track to reach your life and business goals. We have MBA’s and CPA’s that will have you moving in the right direction.

It all begins with a thorough analysis of your business.

Our experienced Consultants will quickly assess what is going on within your business. Once we have a clear picture as to how things are currently running, we consult with you and your management teams to build a customized program to ensure you and your people get the best guidance, training and follow through to increase profits.

Concerned about the expense?

The investment required is always a consideration and yet you will likely be surprised that it is usually far less than you are presently losing in potential business, productivity and profitability. Our clients have found that with our guidance, their increased profitability far surpasses the investment they have made to work with us.


The Maxon Group team of highly trained professionals all possess real world experience. We will teach you how to find new prospects and convert more of those prospects into paying customers.

The sky is the limit when it comes to the potential of your business! We will help you grow your business beyond the next level.

Our clients on average have experienced sustained growth of 25% to 50% and more in bottom-line profits when implementing our recommendations and using the sales concepts and tools we have taught them. Typically, they witness results within the first 90 days of working with us.

Our work with you and your organization is customized to your specific needs!

We train and coach business owners, executives, managers, sales associates and entire teams.


  • On premise one on one training and coaching.
  • In field training.
  • 90 Day, 180 Day and 12 Month packages in Training, Coaching and Consulting.
One, Two and Three Day Sales Intensive Training Packages that get results.

Dramatically increase your sales 30% to 50% in a little as 90 days.

Lifeworks training has accomplished this for businesses large and small for the last 14 years. What would an increase of 30% to 50% in sales mean to your business?

Get through to the decision maker’s more frequently
Set more appointments
Close more business
Learn to Up Sell with far greater efficiency

The Maxon Group Lifeworks One Day Sales Intensive Training program will provide you the tools required to significantly increase your sales performance in the weeks, months and years ahead. You will learn sales formulas, acquire new skill sets and be exposed to systems that have increased our client’s sales 30% to 50% in as little as 90 days. We do not want to appear as though we are boasting; simply stated—this dynamic workshop parallels training found in Fortune 500 and Fortune 50 companies. We are highly effective in creating results. Naturally, your results may vary. Our clients have been known to double, even triple, their sales closing ratios with our training.
3-Day Lifeworks Dhanyata Communication Course

Isn't it time you start getting what you truly want out of life?

The Lifeworks Dhanyata experience will…

rock your world
get you sprinting in the direction of your dreams and goals as you never have before
open your eyes to a new perspective, never to tell yourself again that you cannot achieve the life you’ve been dreaming of living

Attend the Lifeworks Dhanyata 3-Day! What does Dhanyata mean? Dhanyata is success and fulfillment; and that is what this intensive three day event will create in your life, work and relationships. Does this sound too good to be true? Put the program to the test. It just may be counted among the best decisions you have ever made.

It is no secret that these are challenging times for many. Some are facing unprecedented obstacles. If you or someone you know are seeking solutions to creating a better life, attend the Lifeworks Dhanyata 3-Day and bring your friends with you. You will both discover new ways to:

Expand your imagination and opportunities
Build better relationships
Take your business or career to new heights
Dramatically increase your income.

If you deserve more than what you have been getting out of life, don't you think it is time to do something about it? The Lifeworks Dhanyata experience is just days away. This 3-Day event will rock your world, turn you upside down, right side up and set you on the path to a life filled with abundance.

There is a formula for living a life filled with joy, love and financial prosperity. The Lifeworks Dhanyata experience is an exercise in expanding your perspective. Change your thoughts and you change your world. It is said, that to expect different results while continuing to do the same thing defines the definition of insanity. If you have ever stated, "There has to be a better way," you will love this program!

The Lifeworks Dhanyata experience will be facilitated by Mark Maxon, author, talk radio host and founder of the Lifeworks life and business development training programs. Mark has 30 years experience in sales, sales management, sales training, life coaching and business consulting. Mark, drawing upon his years of experience, has developed cutting edge training programs that will build your businesses bottom line and assist you in creating the life you desire. Mark is known for his demand for excellence and daring vision, he will inspire you, and those within your organization, to do what is consistently necessary to get more out of business and life. Come, learn, grow, and consistently achieve results as you never have before.

For more information, contact one of our business coaches at 801-495-1919
Business Development Bootcamp-12 Week Transformational Course. (Twelve 2-hour sessions over 90 days.)

Are your Company Profits Down?

Learn how to increase revenues overnight!

Through our network of National Business Leaders...

The Maxon Group brings the experts to you!

Attend our next bootcamp.

With the right training and guidance, you can increase your revenues overnight!

The Science (and Art) of Selling - What you say, and How you say it is critical.

"It's not just about getting the phone to ring, it's about converting those calls into Paying Customers"

For more information, contact one of our business coaches at 801-495-1919


  • “It’s not only what you’re saying, it’s how you’re saying it!”
  • The 5-Steps of the Professional Sale
  • Getting past those frustrating barriers like;
    • “I’m not interested”
    • “I can’t afford it”
    • "I need to think about it"
    • "We need to talk about it"
  • How to avoid being “stood up” for your appointments
  • How to win over the stubborn “gatekeeper”
  • How to operate from abundance rather than scarcity
  • And so much more!


  • Marketing strategies for healthy and faltering economies. (Aka “How to market your stuff when the economy is in the garbage.”)
  • Ensuring that you know exactly how successful your marketing campaigns are.
    Why throw money at it if you’re not even sure it’s working?
  • Leveraging your website presence to increase your sales.
  • Includes Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • Understanding how to use Analytics to understand who is visiting, where they’re coming from and how they are using your site.
  • And much, much more!

For more information, contact one of our business coaches at 801-495-1919