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Written Testimonials

Patrick Dunshee

Money Mailer

Although I have been to countless sales seminars and multiple sessions of sales training over my 20 years in sales, I have never been exposed to a personal coach until my association with you. I must admit I was a little bit skeptical (after all, who could know more than me after 20 years of successful sales in my industry?) However, I found our time to be invaluable, as your insights were keen and relevant, not only to my industry, but to me, my approach to sales, and my goals within my business. There was not one wasted minute. The most exciting part has been the immediate results I’ve seen in the field.

Dan Dearden

Just Right Heating and Cooling, Salt Lake City, Utah

I recognized that Mark had just what I was looking for. What I was looking for at the time was someone to help train and improve our company's salesman's skills. What I got was so much more!

We put Mark right to work riding along with and coaching our salesman for a year. The following year our salesman doubled his sales (and his own salary!). Our goal was accomplished, right? My success story is only beginning.

I started our business one month before the stock market crashed in the fall of 2008. Needless to say, times were tough for a brand new business in a failing economy. My stress levels were nearly unbearable, working 12–14 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep the company going and growing. For the first time in my life, I was starting to understand the term "depression".

I don't know if Mark could tell that I was struggling or whether it was just his natural caring and loving nature that caused him to invite me to one of his personal development conferences. He convinced me to take three days from work to improve my life. It was a good experience, but what I appreciated most was getting to know Mark for the sincere, giving and passionate man that he is. It was there that I was introduced to his book, "Achieving Excellence in Life".

I read the book. Mark's insights and perspectives into life were just what I needed. They buoyed me up to keep my head above the water while I was flailing about, nearly drowning with my life as it was. Thanks for the lift Mark! You're a life saver.

Blake Murdock

Murdock Chevrolet

I personally have found your process systematic, thorough, and highly effective. You move an individual to take action; there is nothing generic about Lifework’s training. You provide a program of significant substance, and the evidence is measured in the results we have experienced. I am convinced that every individual and every business can and would benefit from the training and coaching that your company provides.

Kris Rudarmel

Anchor Restoration

I met Mark at a speaking event that I attended. After hearing him speak, I knew right then that I wanted to be involved with him; I just wasn’t sure how it was going to transpire. Since then I have attended a few of his seminars, all I can say is WOW! Mark definitely knows his stuff!! A few that I love was: ‘Life’s Critical Elements to Creating Success’ & ‘The Five Steps of Influence.’ These topics are also covered in his book “Achieving Excellence in Life.” What an incredible earth moving book…Really, I have learned so much from Mark that there is just too much to list—Get the book and start reading today and most important: Start implementing right away!

Annette Gardner

Capitol E-commerce Systems

We were struggling to meet our sales goals hence, not enjoying the success we desired. Mark Maxon worked closely with us to determine the root cause of our problems and provide us with the insight we needed to overcome these obstacles. The immediate result of our coaching was a new sales system that has cut our sales cycle nearly in half and increased sales by 100-150%.

Jason Hall

I-net Mortgage

I have increased my productivity through assessing my use of my time and directing my attention towards the items that are most pressing and relevant to my business. As I have gained a greater appreciation for small, often overlooked, but necessary items in my business, I have been able to eliminate the fear of the big picture and tackle each item individually. This has allowed me to accomplish goals I had never even thought about before. I would recommend Mark Maxon to anyone who is interested in reaching new levels of success in their business.

Ken Ruano

Bobby Lawrence Karate Studios

Coaching with Mark has been very rewarding and my school has now started to grow. He has helped me to focus on why I teach the martial arts as opposed to just making money. That principle alone has helped to improve my customer service. I would recommend Mark to anyone in business and I have to several.

Renee’ Yost & Susan Petroskie

Electronic Bank Data

Mark has been an invaluable influence to us both personally and professionally. He has broken down the sales process for us and emphasized the importance of following the system. We’re not sure what direction our business would have taken had we not hired Mark. In a short period of time, one month or a little more, we have gone from only leads to five deals in the works and four closed. Both of us would not hesitate to recommend Mark to any individual or organization seeking to improve their sales results.

Sam Larson

Larson & Company Real Estate

I have attended a lot of training programs in my career; however I have never seen such an impact on my business as your course had in mine. I have been able to double my earnings from last year by simply implementing the training that I received from you.

Ernie Jessop

EZ-Footings…Concrete Forms Services, Inc.

I just wanted to thank you so much for what you have done for me. Last year I flew to Hawaii to attend another training program conducted by a renowned speaker. Between the trip and my fee to attend this symposium, which was eight thousand bucks, I was ten thousand dollars poorer, and still found wanting. Through Lifework’s techniques and training, I finally got what I was looking for…RESULTS…the competition has nothing on you!


Dr. Randy L. Bott

EdD in Educational Leadership

During my 35 years as a professional educator, I have read and critiqued many books. Most “self-help” books are commendable if they have one or two insightful concepts. If you find one with three or four such gems, you have a real treasure. Achieving excellence in life is remarkable in that regard. You will find dozens of such priceless insights. With clarity and crispness which is truly rare. Mark Maxon has identified and illustrated time honored concepts that will change lives—if we follow them. A serious study and diligent application of these twelve lessons is guaranteed to radically change and improve your life.

Steven Sharp

I've read this book twice! I have been a student of self-development and self-improvement for quite a long time and I've had the opportunity to read many books on the subject. This book ranks among the best! I really like Mark's down-to-earth style and his practical, real-life examples and exercises. This book is a must-have!

Leo Kim, Author

Healing the Rift: Bridging the Gap Between Science and Spirituality

Mark Maxon offers twelve easy to understand lessons to gain infinite possibilities in life. He utilizes his thirty years of career experience to weave into a tapestry of wisdom. Maxon founded Lifeworks International a life and business development organization dedicated to assisting others in achieving their dreams. He illustrates and demonstrates how your mind and thinking determines who you are and how you can reach beyond bonds. I recommend Achieving Excellence in Life to all of you who wish to access your dreams.

Derek Randel

President, Stopping School Violence LLC

This book is a blueprint for improving your life. If schools really want to prepare students for life then this book needs to be required reading. I wish I had read this book many years ago. If you’re looking to improve life then I highly recommend Mark Maxon’s book.

Glen Borst

Mr. Maxon has concisely compiled the formula to help us develop the strengths that we unknowingly already possess. Having just completed the book, I feel like I have gained Mr. Maxon as my personal life coach, and now realize that I have untold wealth and knowledge placed at my feet...I just need to take the time to bend down and gather it up!